A Refrigerator That Looks Like a Cabinet

Refrigerator that looks like a cabinet


Many folks don't like the look of a monolithic piece of stainless steel interrupting a beautiful run of cabinetry. It's easy to disguise a fridge these days though, by making a refrigerator look like a cabinet. Here's what you need…

There are two things you absolutely need if you're going to make a refrigerator look like a cabinet.  One is a fridge that will accept custom panels, and the other is a cabinet manufacturer that will make custom panels to fit the fridge.  That's it!


I've only been involoved in one such situation (there aren't a whole lot of paneled refrigerators in my neck of the woods) involving a Kitchenaid KSSO42QTX.  This monster is 42" wide, has an ice-maker, and requires three panels. This one pictured is what Kitchenaid has on their site, not the one I got panels for.   The refrigerators that can be made to look like cabinets should come with specs.  These are the EXACT specifications you'll need to provide for your cabinet manufacturer, so that they can build the panels to the proper size.  Be very careful with these dimensions.  It's easy to screw up something, like the ice maker's opening…    




Refrigerator that looks like a cabinet -- spec sheets



The specs should look something like this: It's even possible to trim out some of the under counter refrigerators to that they look like cabinets.




Wine Fridge door specs




This is a page from another spec book, for what was a wine fridge.  Same deal, where the wine fridge is built to accept a cabinet panel with dimensions you pass along to the manufacturer.  The "panel" in this case is really just stiles and rails, as the door is glass and just needs a frame.


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