When You Buy Pegs Used With Adjustable Shelves


I've gotten several phone calls and emails lately from people wanting more shelf pegs. Sometimes you just want more cabinet shelf pegs, or maybe better shelf pegs. Here are a few things you might need to know in order to get some more.

 Who Made the Cabinets? Often times you can just go get more pegs from someone who deals in the brand of cabinets you own.  This is usually ideal, but sometimes the manufacturer uses really cheesy pegs, and you don't necessarily want more of their junk.  Or, the manufacturer might have stopped using that particular kind of pegs (maybe because they were garbage) and has switched to something else that fits in a different hole.  

What Size Hole Do You Have? There are probably very precise ways of finding a hole's size, but one way I've found that works well is using a dril bit.  If you have a selection of them, or know someone who does, just grab a handful (carefully, they're sharp) and start sticking them into the hole until you find the one that fits. You may want to have both English and Metric drill bits.  Some companies make one kind of peg, and some the other.  It's best to know EXACTLY what hole size you're dealing with and get the right size pegs.  I've got a 6.5mm drill bit in this hole. Mark the drill bit with a pencil when you've got it in the hole too.  Then when you pull it out you'll know how long a peg you need.  Just measure from the end of the drill that went into the hole back to the pencil mark.

So, the three things you'll want to consider when peg shopping are:

  1. Peg Diameter (the size of the drill bit)

  2. Peg Length (how deep the peg went into the hole)

  3. The peg's load rating (the higher the better)   Talk to cabinet dealers or search the net for peg suppliers. 


Happy hunting.


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