Five Types of Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Kitchen wall cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It's possible to lump them into five kitchen wall cabinet categories.

1. Standard Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Standard wall cabinets encompass probably the biggest member of the kitchen wall cabinets family.  Generally they're from 12" high to 48" high, and 9" to 48" wide.  While most of these cabinets are 12" deep, 15" and 24" deep are also pretty common dimensions. 




2. Peninsula Wall Cabinets

These cabinets, as the name implies, are made to be used in peninsulas.  The only real difference between these and standard wall cabinets is the door or pair of doors found on the back of the cabinets.  You can get in them from both sides.  If you were a small child, you could probably run right through an empty one and escape your older sibling…




3. Corner Wall Cabinets

Corner wall cabinets don't necessarily go in the corner, they turn the corner.  While they are often found in a corner, they are also used to start peninsulas.  Thus, there are regular corner wall cabinets and peninsula corner wall cabinets.  Like regular peninsula cabinets, peninsula wall cabinets can be opened from the front or the back. There are a few different types of corner wall cabinets, be they regular or peninsula.  I'll just give a brief rundown here, but I'll get a whole article up soon, as corner wall cabinets are a subject of their own.  Suffice to say that there are square, diagonal, and blind corner wall cabinets, and accessories for each.



4. Split Wall Cabinets, and Related Sections

Split wall cabinets remind me of really short utility cabinets.  They have a top and bottom section.  The most basic kinds are EXACTLY like utility cabinets, but smaller; there's a top section with short doors, and a lower section with taller doors.  These usually start at about 48" high. Some such cabinets have a lower section containing drawers, and others have lower sections that have what's called a Tambour Garage.  Think of the slidey thing on an roll top desk (the top) and now imagine that being used as a cabinet door.  Other split wall cabinets have a regular top and a wine rack as a bottom section.  Most companies who offer these and garages offer the wine racks and garages separately, and these are usually units that are about 18" high.  The middle pair of cabinets in this above picture shows a tambour garage under a regular 30" high cabinet. I'm going to lump spice pullouts into this category.  They generally can't be used alone (because they're open on the sides) so they kind of make up a split wall cabinet, only the split is a vertical line, rather than a horizontal line.  I know, I'm stretching the bounds of logic…  




5.  Appliance Wall Cabinets

Last in line are the appliance cabinets.  These are generally hoods, which are usually also decorative blower housings, and microwave cabinets.  Hoods can be pretty basic pieces to behemoth hearths with stereo pullout units.  And microwave cabinets can be anything from a simple open shelf to full enclosures that give microwaves the built in look.   As you're shopping for a new kitchen, bear in mind that these are basically the five type of kitchen wall cabinets.


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