Fixing Out of Alignment Kabinart Drawers

A customer of mine received a Kabinart kitchen late in 2010.  A few weeks after the cabinet were installed, I got an email from her saying a drawer is out of whack.

 Out of Alignment Kabinart Drawer Front          





This is a shot of the offending drawer.  You can see that the second one down seems tipped forward a bit.  This is a problem of the rear brackets being too high.  I'm not sure if it was just a fluke of the machine and the folks in the factory were heading to lunch instead of inspecting, or what.  But the drawer is screwed up, and needs to be fixed.


Here's what we're up against.  The point at which these two rails are attached to the back of the cabinet needs to be higher.  This project needs to be done in place, as the cabinets are already installed and underneath a countertop.  GAH!

Kabinart Drawer Guide Brackets That Need Aligning  

Kabinart Front Drawer Guide Brackets        




This screw needs to come out before you can do anything.  The whole guides need to come out, but they're not going anywhere until these screws are gone.  In the cabinet I'm testing on, there's only one screw per side.    











Kabinart Drawer Bracket Pegs

These two pegs stick out the back of the cabinet.  Were the cabinet standing alone, it's be an easy job to just squeeze these things and pop them out the front.  This is not that easy though.  As I said before, these cabinets are already installed and aren't coming out.  


You'll have to pry it off with a screw driver.  Be gentle though.  If you work your way around it pulling gently, it will pop out with minimal splintering of the plywood.  I hurried, and this is what happened…

Kabianrt Drawer Slide Bracket Holes Kabianrt Drawer Slide Bracket Holes

On the left you can see where the top hole is a bit bigger than it ought to be.  On the right, you can see the drawer guide brackets.  Notice the screw holes in them.  Mwahaha… we can put these babies wherever we want them with screws.  Bust the pegs off the brackets before you proceed.   I can't quite show the rest of the project (there's only one of me and SOMEONE has to hold the camera) but essentially, this is what you do.  Put the brackets back on the ends of the rails (I might have forgotten to mention taking them off before, but maybe you didn't need to anyway) and screw the front brackets back to the face frame of the cabinet.  Get a level.  Climb in as best you can, or reach in if your arms are long enough, and hold up the brackets with the level as your sliding the drawer back in.  Actually, you probably ought to grab another person to slide the drawer in.  Lay the level across like in this picture: Aligning Kabinart Drawer Glides If you can do the next part without letting anything go, great.  Put screws in the holes when your cohort says the drawer front is in line with the surrounding doors or drawers.  If you can't do this immediately, draw lines with a pencil to mark where the drawer guide brackets are supposed to go.  Take the drawer out and screw these in, realigning to your pencil marks, and you should be good to go.


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