Corner Sinks in a Kitchen

As a novice kitchen designer (and NOT certified by any organization at all), and surrounded by folks in the more "traditional" school of kitchen design thought, I struggled initially with the concept of the corner sink. 

Corner kitchen sinks are a pain to line up in kitchen design software, and at first glance they seem like a waste of space.  Either a regular sink base gets spun 45 degrees (and thus a bunch of dead air to either end of the back side of the cabinet) or a "corner sink cabinet" can be used. These seem awkward, and the ones I've seen don't accomodate very big sinks.  There's also a bunch of dead space behind the sink on the countertop. 

So I asked a REAL designer about the issue, and got what seems a plausible explanation.  A quick email conversation with Majjie at went like this:

The Best Cabinet Site: "Are corner sinks or stoves a waste of space? Why are they so popular?  

Majjie: "I tend to agree about corner stoves wasting space but I really like corner sinks, especially the big modular ones that use up the whole corner. They fit so easily in the the rest of the worktop and they provide extra surface space for actually working at the sink. These usually fit into a diagonal corner base which also gives a better "flow" around the corner from the worktops at either side. I'm not so keen on the L-shaped corner sinks.

"Putting the sink in the corner, in a fairly small L-shaped run of units, can give an uninterrupted stretch of worktop which would otherwise not be possible (if you put the hob on one side and the sink on the other).

"Traditionally, the sink went under the window, but since so many people have dishwashers these days it isn't necessary to stand at the sink for long periods and it's better to have a preparation area under the window instead, especially if there's a view to admire.

"A corner sink does make the space underneath difficult to use, but then corner spaces are always a bit difficult to use efficiently anyway, and you can always get rubbish bins to fit underneath."  

I should clarify that a hob is a stove or cooktop in the UK, where Majjie is from. Thanks again Majjie of for clearing up some corner sink questions for us.


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