Kitchen Base Cabinets Explained

Kitchen base cabinets are rather like their wall mounted bretheren, in that they come in widths of 3” increments.  Base cabinets generally come in only one height though, and that’s 34 1/2”.   Read on to learn more about kitchen base cabinets.

Door and Drawer Base Cabinet

A depth of 24” is also standard, though there is a bit of fudging on base cabinet depths.  What you can get depends on which cabinet manufacturer you’re dealing with.  Some only offer 18” and 12” deep kitchen base cabinets, and some of the semi custom lines will allow you to specify to the inch how deep you want your cabinet. Totally custom lines are, as the name implies, custom; you can get whatever depth you want.  

The most common kitchen base cabinet is the “door and drawer” type. There is a door (or two) on bottom, and a drawer on top. Kitchen base cabinets 24” or less in width generally have one door, while cabinets 24” and larger have two. As you get into VERY wide cabinets (48” or so) cabinets starting having four doors, and maybe two drawers. Next up is the “full height door” type of kitchen base cabinet. These have a door (or two depending on cabinet width) but no drawers, since the door runs the whole height of the cabinet. These make them sort of like deep wall cabinets with toe kicks.      





Drawer Base Cabinet

Drawer bases are yet another kind of kitchen base cabinet. They have no doors, and come in two, three, and four drawer configurations. Often there is one drawer deeper than the others, and you can choose which one you want to be deeper.




Base Cabinet Pullout Shelves


There are some neat accessories available for kitchen base cabinets, some manufacturers carry more than others do. Some of these include wooden cutlery trays, pull out trash bins, pot and pan holders (and also lid dividers), and many more. Even if the cabinet company you like doesn’t carry them, don’t worry. It’s entirely possible to get them after the fact somewhere else. The manufacturer might even be able to recommend which hardware works bests with their cabinet brand. Many thanks to Burrows Cabinets for use of photos in this article.






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