Kitchen Island Cabinets Design

Kitchen island. Just the sound of the phrase conjures up images of bliss, a homemaker’s oasis. “Where are you going, Honey?” “I’m traveling to the island.” “Have a nice time, Dear. Don’t forget to write.” Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? You can take a dream vacation to your very own island every time you prepare a meal. Take in sights like a cooktops, bar sinks, and raised seating areas. Sorry, no palm trees though, unless your kitchen designer is very creative.

While not quite so utopian in real life, islands can make life easier in the kitchen. They can provide extra seating and room for meal preparation, as well as give kitchens some more counterspace.  Anyone who has prepared a meal with several pots of food knows how fun it is to run out of places to put them, or a stack of dishes, when getting ready to serve a meal.  So what do you put in the island?  How do you decide which cabinets to include? It all depends on what you want your island to do.  Do?  Yes, do. 

Islands must earn the acreage they occupy, and that means they should be able to perform several functions to justify their existence.

Will you cook there? Many folks want to, and put a cook top in their island, complete with a hood overhead. You will want to have counterspace on both sides of the range where you can keep things like spices and utensils nearby while you cook.

Will it be primarily a storage area? This is a fine idea too. Many islands are near stoves, and get used to store most of the cooking implements people need while preparing a meal. Roll out trays are handy for pot storage, as well as regular drawer bases for utensils and potholders.

Trash and recycling cabinets are also popular choices for islands, and good to have nearby if there is cooking or vegetable peeling going on at the island. No kitchen table?  Eghads, perish the thought.  Or not?  A number of kitchens these days include islands big enough to seat a family, eliminating the need for a traditional kitchen table. A bonus to this setup is that the table doubles as storage space. One could tone this down a bit though, and create a two level island that accommodates food prep and seating for a couple of people. This allows for conversation with guests and family during meal preparation.  If you can include an island in the floorplan when designing your new kitchen or renovating an old one, you too can take regular trips to the island.

Have a nice time, Dear. Don’t forget to write.


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