Kitchen Wall Cabinets, So Many Options

When it comes to kitchen wall cabinets, things can get confusing quick. While base cabinets have a lot of different innard options, they're generally all the same height and depth, and usually sit on the floor. Wall cabinets on the other hand come in a variety of heights and depths, and can be hung so that they're top aligned, bottom aligned, staggered, helter-skelter… See what I mean?  

Height: Kitchen wall cabinets come in several heights. Options depend on which manufacturer you're dealing with, but most regular kitchen wall cabinets are 30, 36, or 42 inches high. In addition, they're almost always 12 inches deep. Your ceiling height will help decide how tall your cabinets can be, There should be at least 18 inches of clearance between the top surface of the counter and the bottom edge of the kitchen wall cabinets. If you've only got 8 foot ceilings, you CAN squeeze 42 inch wall cabinets in, but you'd have no room for any kind of top molding. In addition, the wall cabinets would be right up against the ceiling, so the ceiling better be square and flat or things will look funny.  

Depth: In addition to varying heights, kitchen wall cabinets can come in a few different depths, like 15 or 18 inches. These deeper wall cabinets can be handy, provided you can actually reach the backs of the cabinets. If you can't, then the extra space ends up being a sort of forgtten realm where seldom used groceries go to expire.  

Special Kitchen Wall Cabinets: Refrigerator wall cabinets come even deeper than other wall cabinets, measuring up to 24 inches deep in fact. When you have these in a design, remember that they've got to attach to something. It's easy when using design software to forget this, since the program doesn't mind anomolies in gravity. Generally a refrigerator panel is involved, or you could screw this to a wall if one happens to be handy. Remember again though that deeper wall cabinets are hard to reach into, and the rear of the cabinet might be a waste of space. For people who want this wall cabinet flush (or close to it) with the front of the fridge, consider getting a 12 inch deep kitchen wall cabinet and bumping it out. Fasten it to a wall or fridge panel the same way you would a deeper one. It may take some finagling. Microwave cabinets, are handy, and sometimes come in the form of micriwave shelves. A lot of people like these over their stoves, but remember that kitchen wall cabinets need to be 30 inches or so above hot surfaces. I know, a lot of designers break the rule, but keep it in mind anyway.


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