Refrigerator Wall Cabinet or Kitty?

For those of you on the fence about whether to get deep refrigerator wall cabinets or regular depth cabinet over the fridge, I've a bit of advice.  Get the deeper cabinets.

Kitty lying in wait

Do you see this picture?  This is my own kitchen, with 12″ cabinets over the fridge.  That leftover space is generally taken up by one of my cats, who the children affectionately call “Kitten Little.” She is generally a nice cat, but she like to wait up here on top of the refrigerator in wait.  Since I’m the only one whose head goes anywhere near her perch, I can only assume that she’s lying in ambush for me.   So here’s what happens…  I get rushing around the house, preparing meals or getting the kids ready for bed, and I forget she’s up there.  I come walking through the alley created by our fridge and pantry, and WHAP!   WHAPWHAPWHAP!  I’ve been ATTACKED!  


Kitten Little

This innocent looking little kitty is evil.  When next I remodel my kitchen, I’m getting deeper refrigerator wall cabinets to avoid this whole scenario, and I advise you all to do the same.


This got fixed when I put in Concrete Countertops.  Somehow she's still getting up on top of the cabinets (I've yet to see it happen, I only catch her once she's already up there) but at least is not on the fridge.


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