Small Kitchen Pantry, A Food Storage Nook

I recently ran across a design requiring a small kitchen pantry that drove me nuts.  Don't get me wrong, the customer was fine.  Her demands were nothing outrageous at all, but the small space was one that I just couldn't fill effectively.

I ended up reaching across the pond again to Majjie at and asked her to help.  The requirements were few, but for some reason were beyond me.

1. Pantry cabinet

2. Some counterspace

3. Not galley style

4. Symmetrical in appearance  


Small kitchen pantry area


Here is the plan I gave to Majjie.  Up top is part of a wall that includes the house's entry door.  The nook below that was where my customer wanted the small kitchen pantry area.  And Majjie (I think it might have even been the next morning) quickly gave me some renderings of a small kitchen pantry that I was sure would work. Going around clockwise, the design includes a pantry cabinet (requirement #1).  Next is a base cabinet under the window which offers some storage, and that is up against a blind corner cabinet.  It also gives some counter space (requirement #2).  The space was too tight for one of the usual lazy susan corner cabinet or diagonal corner cabinets.

  Small kitchen pantry area Small kitchen pantry area  

Above that there is a wall cabinet facing the same direction as the pantry (requirement #4), and the next is a base cabinet which gives some more counter space. The trick with this design was getting the pantry away from the fridge, which was where I'd stuck it.  I'd been trying to put a wall cabinet in there, which faced the opposite wall.  This looked funny.  Well, maybe ludicrous is the word.  Other ideas I had weren't much better. I didn't make the sale, but this design is solid and I wanted to share it.  Thanks again to Majjie at who set the metric system aside for a while to give me a hand.  It's much appreciated.


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