Three Reasons to Keep a Kitchen Sink Away from a Window


The kitchen sink window pairing is traditional, and occurs in many a kitchen plan. But why? Is it the best way? I'm not firmly in one camp or the other, but here are three reasons to put the kitchen sink somewhere else






A recent plan I made with someone involved much wasted space and use of filler strips, and it's because the plumbing was designed for a sink under the window.  Had there been some thought put into the building of the house, the owner to be would have much more storage space than what he or she will end up with. It got me to thinking about the whole "sink under the window" affair, and why most builders automatically default to that layout.  While I'm not a staunch opponent of the kitchen sink under the window, I don't think it's always appropriate.  Here are a few things to consider when deciding on whether or not your sink belongs under a window.  

1. You don't wash dishes as much as your ancestors used to: A kitchen sink under the window allows someone washing dishes to see the back yard.  Since dishwashers were invented though, people aren't spending as much time at the sink.  Up here in Maine (or any other northern state) it's dark after supper most of the year anyway, so a window view if you DID have to wash a lot of dishes isn't all that interesting. Would the window space be better utilized as a food prep area?  In theory, you're making dinner longer than you're cleaning up after it.  And only in the dead of winter (when the sun is well set by four in the afternoon) would you get a night scene in the northern latitudes  

2. Uninterrupted counter space: It'e nice to have a big area for food prep, or to spread out some work that just couldn't be finished at the office.  You're less apt to get such an area, especially in a smaller kitchen, with the sink right smack in the middle of a countertop run.  The sink might be better placed in a corner, or at the end of the run.  If your aproach is "put the sink under the window," you're apt to miss this idea.  

3. "Behind the sink" storage: Some people like to hang a couple of pots, or often used cooking utensils over the stove.  Likewise, a shelf over the sink can be handy.  Put things up there comfortably that most people have to cram behind the sink and under the window.  

I'm all for tradition when it makes sense, but sometimes is doesn't.  I've seen a few kitchens where the sink under a window just plain screwed things up, and it was only placed under the window because of a "the sink HAS to go under the window" attitude.


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  1. Liz says:

    I have to climb onto the draining board to clean my windows inside and out.
    My view is,this constitutes a health and safety risk. I am on the first floor,should I inadvertently slip, could fall out of the window. Alternatively, irrespective of whether you are on the ground or first floor,you could easily slip off and break your hip or leg as a friend of mine did.
    I believe H & S should look at outlawing it.

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