Colors for Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets

Finding colors for thermofoil cabinets other than white can be a difficult task.

I got an odd request the other day at The Cabinet Folks.  Someone wanted black thermofoil kitchen cabinets.  It didn’t seem odd initially, until I realized that nobody has ever asked me for them.  What I did find a little strange was that NONE of the cabinet manufacturers I deal with make thermofoil kitchen cabinets in any colors but white or cream-ish colors.  I started hunting for anyone who makes thermofoil kitchen cabinets in other colors.  So far (today is 01-04-2010) I’ve struck out with five manufacturers, but I’ve got emails and phone calls into most of them.  I’ll keep you all posted. 

01-25-2010 I’ve got two companies getting back to me. Stay tuned for an update! 

01-26-2010 Check out my post about colored thermofoil cabinets to see what I found out from Michael at


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