Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

You’ve picked your cabinets out finally. Different door styles and color options might still be swimming around your head, but the worst is over. Or is it? Do you want kitchen cabinet knobs?

These are almost as difficult to choose than the cabinets themselves. How do you go about it? What looks good with a wood sample, or even a whole door sample, may not be so great all around the kitchen. Once the cabinets are in and the dust has settled, you may want to relax a bit before jumping into kitchen cabinet knobs selection. As with picking out cabinets, it can be quite a job. One kitchen cabinet knob style might look good with a door style and color, but the same style in a different finish might not. There are a few groups that most kitchen cabinet knobs can be lumped into. Knowing in general what look you’re after will help narrow the options.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Knob

Traditional:  These knobs are rather low key. With no weird shapes, and having tarnished or satin finish, knobs in this category lean toward the symmetrical and tend to be rather conservative. Shaker and the simpler raised panel door styles go well with knobs in this category.



Modern Kitchen Cabinet Knob

Modern: Often as plain as traditional type knobs, these kind of knobs typically have sweeping curves somewhere in their profile. They can be shiny, pewter, or even flat black. Modern style knobs go well with plank style doors.



Weird Kitchen Cabinet Knob

Outlandish: Weird is the only way to describe these. Anything goes in this category. From sports or ocean themes (yes Virgina, there ARE seahorse cabinet knobs), to squiggle shapes, and some others that make you wonder just who in their right mind would put these in a kitchen. Attempts to determine which door styles go best with these knobs crashed several interior design computer programs during the writing of this article.


Try to find a kitchen somewhere with similar doors and knobs to look at. Browse through manufacturer catalogs of both cabinets and knobs to see what styles work for you. Contact showrooms to see if they have complete kitchen displays you can look at (locally) or get pictures of (if the showroom is someone you found online) to get a better idea of what will look good.


It could be worse; remember when you had to decide on cabinets?  


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