Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

We recently got an email from someone who wanted to know where they might find a set of yellow kitchen cabinets. Well, they’re hard to find from the regular kitchen cabinet manufacturers, and nice pictures are even more difficult to get hold of. But here’s our best attempt…

Yellow Kitchen Cabinets


The only manufacturer I could find easily was Allmilmo , and they were nice enough to give me some extra pictures. Their site is a flash site, so you’ll have to hunt around a bit to find the yellow cabinets.




An island made of yellow kitchen cabinets


 Allmilmo doesn’t make just these modern looking yellow kitchen cabinets.  I’m told that they can make more traditional (shaker, square raised, etc) door styles in this color, or most any other color one can dream up.  They are a custom kitchen cabinet company.

I did find, through the course of my investigating, that people who want yellow kitchen cabinets are probably going to end up with a custom builder.  Several manufacturers allow customers to get unfinished cabinets, and in that case someone could get away with painting the kitchen cabinets yellow themselves.


Best of luck to all of you who want yellow kitchen cabinets. If I find any other sources for them, I'll let you know.


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