Adjusting Kitchen Cabinets Hinges


When things get out of whack, you ought to be adjusting kitchen cabinet hinges.  Most of them work this way, and these simple steps should get you back in alignment.



Kitchen Cabinet Door out of Adjustment





There are three screws on newer style cabinet door hinges. 1 and 3, pictured here, can be adjusted independent of other hinges. 2 is actually holding the hinge (and door, really) to the cabinet stile. To adjust a cabinet vertically, you must loosen this screw on each hinge, then slide the door up or down. You will have to prop it somehow while you tighten the screws back up.    






Kitchen Cabient Doors Out of Whack


You can see in this photo that the door bottom is kicked out (look at the red arrow in the left picture). To adjust this way, you need to play with screw #3. To fix this particular door, I brought the bottom of the door in, but I also adjusted the TOP of the door OUT.

And how often we run across this type of scenario… After years of being slammed shut, children hanging from them, and so forth, doors get misaligned. The tops or bottoms get tilted out.  This is adjusted with screw #1. Bring one in and the other out until you've got the doors aligned, like the picture below.



Kitchen Cabinet Doors All Adjusted    


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