Partial Overlay Doors Might Require Different Hinges

I had a bit of a problem lately with some hinges.

It happens… sometimes the wrong things get ordered.  It just happened to me.  I was helping a customer expand his kitchen.  He’d already bought a set of Diamond cabinets a few years ago, Astoria.  Astoria is a full overlay hickory door in a shaker style, and is part of the Diamond Distinction line. These hickory cabinets were in another house of his, and moved with him to this one. 

The new layout is bigger.  The customer is adding an island and trying to fill up the leftover space in his new kitchen. We found what he was going to need.  An order was placed for a new sandwich cabinet, a couple of wall units, and some end panels.  I saw “square” on the boxes when they arrived, and didn’t think any more of it.  Then the customer called…

Diamond Lynton Hickory Partial Overlay Door Style

Lynton Square

(partial overlay)

“Hey, these aren’t the right cabinets.”  I agreed, once I’d looked into it.  I ordered Lyton Square, not Astoria.  DOH!

Diamond Astoria Hickory Full Overlay Door Style


(full overlay)

So all of the new doors are in, they’re at his house, and he calls this morning with a “You’re not gonna believe this” tone, and told me that the doors don’t line up right.  I drove over to find out that they sure didn’t line up right. See, the Astoria is a full overlay door, and the Lynton Square is a partial overlay door.  It never occured to me in the scramble to get the customers correct cabinetry right away that full overlay hinges were required to replace the partial overlay ones that came on the cabinets originally.  In only ordering new full overlay doors in the right style, I missed that whole hinge part.  

So, even though Diamond’s hinges adjust every which way, you can’t crank them enough to make a full overlay door work with their partial overlay hinges. Remember this if you about to embark on a door replacement type of kitchen makeover.  Partial overlay doors might require different hinges than their full overlay door cousins.


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