Testing Quiet Cabinet Door Bumpers

A customer walked in the other day looking for cabinet bumpers.  We don’t stock them at work, but I remembered getting some samples a while back from Bumper Specialties Inc, and went digging through all of the kitchen displays hunting for the package.  I found the cabinet bumpers, gave the customer a sheet of samples, and then took some home to play with.

What I was really wondering about were the bumpers that are supposed to be very quiet compared to regular bumpers.  I grabbed a couple of each bumper type and stuck them on the doors of one wall cabinet.

normal kitchen cabinet bumper  

This cabinet door bumper is the BS-12.  It’s a normal enough looking bumper.  It’s made of Polyurethane, is clear, and is in the 1/4″ diameter range.  It’s also around 1/8″ thick.



Quiet kitchen cabinet door bumper  

In this corner is the BS33-SD, also made by Bumper Specialties.  It’s about the same size as the other bumper, but there’s a little nipple at the thickest part.  I am assuming that this feature is what’s supposed to quiet things down.    



Once I’d gotten two of each kind of bumper on each cabinet door, I found that my doors were in need of adjustment (read how ot do that in Adjusting Kitchen Cabinets Hinges).  Once that task was finished, I started shutting my cabinet doors.  I shut my cabinet doors a lot.  Even my toddler thought I was being odd. 

Obviously, the quiet bumpers didn’t make much of a difference when I slammed the doors.  If you’re a regular door slammer, forget it.  Then I started shutting the doors from smaller and smaller “open angles.”  Most of my test closes were by letting the door go from about two inches out. I didn’t hear a difference.

This cabinet, until today, had no bumpers at all on it, so I can say with complete confidence that either of the bumpers I tested are much better than nothing, but I don't know that the special nipple on the BS33-SD makes a whole lot of difference.


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