Check Out Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Before You Buy New Kitchen Cabinets

The task of remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is daunting enough, and deciding on a manufacturer can make it even worse.  There are so many choices when it comes to kitchen cabinets, and it is easy to make expensive mistakes.  Here are some questions you ought to ask yourself before you decide on a brand, or a line withing a brand, to purchase.

What do People Say About the Manufacturer’s Customer Service? Are there consumer reports available regarding the company? How responsive is their customer service department before and after sales? Were defects or damaged cabinets handled well? Generally, when something arrives damaged, a sales rep from that company will come out and look at it to determine what is to be done. This can mean replacing the whole cabinet, just the door, or only a piece of hardware. It is nice to know that whatever the issue, the company will stand behind their product.

What are contractors and builders saying about different brands? Many times, these people are in the middle of trouble when it occurs, and are the ones that have rectify installation problems and defects, all on the fly. They have a plethora of customers who have hired them to install many different brands of cabinets, and are a good source for the lowdown on each brand. Some cabinets are just easier for an experienced installer to monkey with in the event of trouble than others.

Are there published construction specifications? Grab these if at all possible; there should be diagrams with dimensions available so that customers can see things like how thick panels and face frames are, and what material (plywood, solid wood, particle board, MDF) different parts of the cabinet are made of Also included would be construction methods. Are things glued and stapled, screwed, nailed? There are advantages and disadvantages to any method.

What Does a Brand Offer in the Way of Options and Accessories? Things like recessed side toe kicks, authentic paneled ends, soft close glides, and dovetail drawer construction can really add character to your kitchen. How is a given company in the accessories department? Do they have a large selection of moldings, drawer inserts, posts and corbels? Items like this can be the finishing touches on kitchen cabinets that stun visitors when they come for dinner.

Do the companies you are evaluating even make their own cabinets? There are several that just buy doors and boxes from other manufacturers, slap their names on it, and sell it as their own. Is the company you’re looking into one of those?

Can you buy them online? Most online cabinet retailers are peddling RTA (Ready to Assemble) cabinets, but there are a few selling the real deal. They are making cabinets available on the Internet that customers could previously only get by walking into a brick and mortar cabinet showroom. All of the customer service questions apply to these establishments as well.


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