Dear Armstrong Cabinet Dealers:

As recently as 2011, I've had an awful time of quoting with Armstrong's 2020 catalog.  I've been wondering if other Armstrong cabinet dealers are having the same trouble.

I'm not sure how many of you have been frustrated by Armstrong's 2020 cabinet catalog, but if there's a club, please let me be a member.  It's nearly impossible to show good renderings because things like end panels and island back panels (not just the skins, but doors as panels stuck on them) can't be added to floorplans.

Nor are you able to edit textures, and I'm sure you noticed some of the textures Amrstrong has chosen to represent their woods and finishes are a bit on the horrendous side. After being told by Armstrong and 2020 both "We don't make the catalog" I found out today that they BOTH make the catalog cooperatively. 

I'll see if anything changes after I've shared my catalog "issues" with the people in charge of making them.   Update (10-2011): It came to my attention some time ago that Armstrong's regional warehouses sell to the general public, making Armstrong dealers about as useful as a snooze button on a smoke alarm.  I try not to deal with them much, and point folks at other lines when I can.


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