Not Every Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer Really Makes Cabinets



You would think that when you buy kitchen cabinets made by CompanyX, that CompanyX actually made the cabinets. It aint necessarily so. I was shocked to find out when I'd been at The Cabinet Folks for a little while that not all of the kitchen cabinet "manufacturers" were really making the cabinets we were displaying and selling.

There's nothing wrong with this, it just seemed a little strange that this was never made apparent to me earlier.  It makes me wonder how many other people, designers and especially customers, don't know this.

On the other hand, this might mean that you can get the same doors from a different kitchen cabinet manufacturer.  Shop around for a door identical to the one you like from CompanyX.  Perhaps CompanyY or CompanyZ offers the same door style at a fraction of the cost.  If you know a company doesn't manufacture its own doors, you'll see pictures identical to theirs on other company's websites and literature.

Literally, the same exact pictures, probably taken by the ACTUAL cabinet manufacturer.  The nice thing about a company that doesn't actually manufacture cabinets is that doors and cabinets are probably available from a variety of vendors, at different prices. The downside is that if there's a problem, does the company claiming to be a kitchen cabinet manufacturer have anyone on staff who can help?  If nobody at the office knows anything about how cabinets are made, how much help are they really going to be troubleshooting finish, wood, or hardware defects?


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