Different Kinds of Drawer Cabinets

Rather than get a regular door and drawer type of cabinet, many people gravitate toward different types of drawer cabinets.  They come in a variety of configurations.  The majority of drawer cabinets have three drawers, but there are two  and four drawer configurations as well, depending on which manufacturer’s line you happen to be looking at.

Some people, and I’m in this camp, think that drawer bases are a more efficient storage method than a regular door cabinet with roll trays.  You get to skip the “open the door” step and just pull your kitchen paraphernalia out to you in one easy step.  Another bonus to drawer cabinets it that it’s harder for things to fall out of a drawer into the cabinet than it is for things to fall out of a roll tray; the sides are higher. But there are accessories that make drawer cabinets even MORE useful.

Peg Board Drawer Organizer  

Peg Board Organizers are very simple, but provide an easy way to organize things in a drawer, and keep them from flying around.  They’re good for keeping plates corralled and are especially handy for keeping the infamous “junk” drawer under control.




Sliding bread shelves are usually either clear plastic or thing plywood that slides over the whole drawer, covering (and keeping things out of) bread.


Drawer Cutlery Divider


Cutlery dividers are a pretty normal fixture in any kitchen.  With deeper drawers though, there are other kinds of dividers.  They can have a top section that holds all of the regular flatware, and this top section slides out of the way to expose another divider underneath which often hold different things like steak knives, salad spoons, etc.

The divider pictured here is one built by Stephanie at FullofGreatIdeas.blogspot.com (seen in this post about a cutlery divider) for next to nothing cash-wise.




File Drawer Cabinet


Not only are drawer cabinets available as base units, but there are wall cabinet versions.  Most of the ones I’ve seen are combination types; they are tall, and have drawers on bottom and doors on top. There are also office type drawer cabinets.  These tend to be shorter than regular base cabinets.  You can get either normalish drawer cabinets, file drawer cabinets, or desk drawers.  The last come in various widths and depths, and usually mount under a desktop with cabinets on either side.  I’ve noticed available sizes for desk drawers vary quite a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer.  


There are all sorts of drawer cabinets.  Remember this as you’re planning out your kitchen; they may help utilize your space more efficiently.


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