Drawers For Kitchen Cabinets

Drawers for kitchen cabinets are built in a variety of ways. Patricleboard drawers, plywood drawers, solid wood drawers, dovetail drawers… There are all sorts of choices when it comes to drawers for kitchen cabinets. You get what you pay for.

One way to make a kitchen easier to use is by installing drawer cabinets.  While roll trays are nice, there is an extra step involved when using them.  Before sliding out the roll tray, one must first open the doors.  Drawers are a one step deal, and therefore easier to use.

Particlboard Drawer Box and Bottom


Drawer construction makes a big difference, both in kitchen cabinet cost and drawer lifetime.  Drawers for kitchen cabinets come in a variety of construction styles and price ranges. Some manufacturers make drawers of all particleboard.  These are usually found in the "down and dirty" lines; it's about as cheap a construction method as you can get, and they won't last long at all.  Yes, they're affordable up front, but if you've got to replace drawers in just a few years, are they really cheaper?




The drawer here is not very old at all, but it's already split.  OR, it might have been split from the get go without anyone noticing.  This whole setup just looks really cheesy, particleboard or not.  I imagine that this manufacturer would manage to split any kind of drawer box they put together.  






"Glued and stapled" is another method manufacturers use to build drawers for kitchen cabinets.  This entails four normal shaped pieces of something (plywood or solid wood) butted up together and fastened with glue, then stapled for good measure.  I say normal shaped because it's just square-ish shaped stuff, maybe 1/2 or 5/8 inches thick by three or four inches tall, by however long and wide the drawer boxes are.


There are variations on this way of constructing drawers for kitchen cabinets.  Sometimes the pieces are just slapped together.  Other times they're fitted together with the ends of pieces being dadoed.  The drawer bottoms are almost always dadoed into the drawer box, but not necessarily.


Dovetail Drawer Joint


At the top of the pile is dovetail drawer construction.  Dovetail drawers for kitchen cabinets are the most sought after because they're the most rugged and durable.  They're also the most expensive kind of drawers for kitchen cabinets.  Not all dovetails are created equal though.   Some manufacturers, even though they charge more for dovetail drawers, make junk drawer boxes.  The joints are loose fitting, but gobbed up with enough glue to make them passable, at least for a few years.  Then bad things happen…







Bad Staple Job on Drawer Front    


Remember that there's a reason cheap drawers are inexpensive, and they will probably cost more in the long run.      







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