Four Storage Accessories for Cabinet Drawers

There are so many storage accessories designed to fit in cabinet drawers. Sometimes it's hard to decide what you should get. Here are four of those storage solutions I think would be very useful.

Sliding Drawer within a drawer by Diamond


Sliding Drawers

One rig I like the looks of is the sliding drawer insert.  Manufacturers have taken a regular drawer added another section to it.  The top section slides back into the cabinet, exposing another layer of stuff in the drawer. This picture's drawer contains odds and ends, but one of the uses I've seen is for regular flatware to be kept in the top section, and either formal flatware (the good silver) or sharp knives kept in the lower section. In addition to there being compartments in the silverware drawer, some manufacturers make these dividers configurable.  You can move the dividers around to suit your fancy.  Having this kind of custom drawer storage option makes like a whole lot easier.  

Drawer with Cutting Board



Sliding Drawer with Cutting Board

Here's another variation on the sliding drawer theme.  This has a short (height-wise) drawer, but above that there's a cutting board that pulls out and tucks away as needed.  







Peg Board Organizer with Sliding Drawer



Plate Storage Cabinet Solutions

There are a couple of options for plate storage in base cabinets.  The one I see most often is this: Plates can go in the drawer and are held in place with pegs stuck into the pegboard drawer bottom.  This particular configuration also includes a sliding drawer above it.  You could achieve the same thing by having two separate drawers, and I think it's a "Six of one, half dozen of the other" situation.



Chrome dish rack inserted in a roll tray





This setup is simply a regular base with roll trays, plus a plate rack.  The chrome plate rack pictured here just sets into the roll tray.   While I'm sure there will be several new ideas for drawers in the future, these should be enough to make your kitchen more usable now.  If your about to install a kitchen that you intend to retire with, remember that some of these drawer accessories make it a lot easier for older folks to work in the kitchen.  If you have some of these installed now, you'll be happier in twenty or thirty years when your arms and back to act like they do now.









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