Make the Perfect Desk with Desk Cabinets

Using desk cabinets is a great alternative to getting one gigantic piece of furniture. Rather than being locked in to one configuration (a typical desk) a set of desk cabinets is customizable and offers more flexibility than traditional desks.


Several manufacturers make what can be considered desk cabinets, though they generally not come as one piece.  To set up a whole desk, you would need to get two or three separate cabinets and put some sort of countertop down on them.   The simplest set of desk cabinets would be something like what I've got pictured here; there are two file drawer cabinets with a slab of countertop on them.  It's been "spruced up" a bit; you can see I've added an authentic end to a the cabinet facing us, and stuck a wainscot panel on the front. 

In any of the manufacturers' lines that I deal with, the selection of desk cabinets is pretty slim.  You'd have to get creative if you're going to use regular semi custom cabinets for building a desk. 


The nice part about doing it this way though is that the desk ends up being custom.  You're not locked into whatever desk manufacturers think you ought to have.  Building with separate desk cabinets makes it more modular. You can do something huge like this desk…


If you don't quite like the setup, you can move it around.  If you find that it's not big enough, you can add to it.  Again, the best thing about using desk cabinets, rather than purchasing a whole desk, is the flexibility that comes with using separate pieces. I haven't even gotten into wall cabinets yet, those are a whole other ballgame.  Suffice to say that they are as customizable as the desk cabinets themselves.  Using cabinetry to outfit an office makes more sense than heading down to an office or box store and grabbing that particleboard stuff. 

Yes, it would be cheaper, but if you use the area every day, and hard, you'll find things wearing out quicker than if you'd used regular cabinets for your desk and office.



The cabinets I'm suggesting will be built to the same durability standards that manufacturers' kitchen cabinets are.  They'll take a beating.  One other perk is that if something DOES fail, you can get parts from cabinet manufacturers.  Try buying a new piece, and having it work well, for a box or office supply store desk.







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