Small Base Corner Cabinet

I thought I'd share an email exchange I had with someone about a small base corner cabinet. She is cramped for space, and doesn't want a 33 or 36 inch base corner cabinet.

Hi Barbera, this is Craig.  I think you'll be hard pressed to find a 24" blind corner base except from a custom manufacturer.  What you might be able to do is stick a wall blind corner on the floor (bumped up 4 1/2" for the toe space) and everything will be flush. You'll be wasting some space though, because those are only 12" deep. Were you to go with cabinets from someone like Bertch Legacy, you might be able to get that cabinet made 24" deep via the "Legacy Plus" program they have; this program allows you to get a small number of totally custom cabinets in a regular Legacy kitchen. Tell you what…  Tomorrow when Bertch is open, I'll pick someone's brain there and find out what you can do.  What's the manufacturer you're currently looking at?  Also, if you want to send along a floor plan, I'd be happy to look at it.  

Wow.  thanks.  I know of the difficulty you speak.  I've looked everywhere.   As for the floor plan — there is none.  The available space for the kitchen is 6 feet of exterior wall space and 8 feet of interior wall space adjacent to it.   I've found 18" wide "fridge, DW, and a 20" wide range.  It's the corner that is giving me fits.  I can find 24" lazy susan inserts but they seem to waste a lot of space… Cheers, Barbara  

Barbara, Craig again.  I talked with someone from Bertch Custom.  Were you to get this cabinet from them in a middle to higher priced door style, it'd cost in the $650 range.  I asked about customizing a base (making it 24" long) or customizing a wall (making it 24" deep) and here's what they said: Craig, I would start with a 24"W base and do a custom frame arrangement.  Price for the cabinet will be(includes custom frame): Code "C" – $1140 list Code "D" – $1156 list   I've not heard back from Barbara yet, but I'm assuming she's got the info she needs now.  Bertch Legacy is not the only manufacturer to offer such customizations.  Kabinart is also offering some sort of "if you can draw it, we can make it" service, as does Young Furniture Mfg of New Hampshire.  I'm sure there are many other big manufacturers doing it as well.


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