Blue Kitchen Cabinets and Who Makes Them

Poke around on the internet, and it might take a while to find blue kitchen cabinets.  Ask a few designers and salespeople who all carry different manufacturers’ lines, and the process is a lot quicker.  Here’s what I found after just a couple hours using the second method…

Bertch Legacy Country Blue 


Bertch Legacy First up is one I’m familiar with.  Bertch Legacy has a color called Country Blue.  This picture is a painted MDF door, but I believe it’s offered in any wood on any door style. Bertch, like most cabinet manufacturers, doesn’t have a whole lot of different solid colors to choose from, but they at least have some.  In addition to this shade of blue kitchen cabinets, Bertch offers red and green.




Wellborn Forest

Wellborn Forest offers a couple of blue finishes on their cabinets.  Pictured here are Bluebell (top) and Blueberry (bottom) Without knowing a whole lot about them, it seems that Bluebell has some sort of whitish glaze, and Blueberry has a dark one.

Wellborn Forest Bluebell Wellborn Forest Blueberry




Cheaha is a company I’d not heard of until I went looking for blue cabinets, but they’re a manufacturer someone recommended, are based in Alabama, and make blue ktichen cabinets.  I found a color they produce called Sapphire, and they make in in three flavors.

Cheaha Sapphire Cheaha Sapphire Glazed Cheaha Sapphire Rubbed

The first (far left) is the regular Sapphire blue color.  In the center is the same color with a glaze, and on the right is the color with a rubbed through look.  


  Sea Blue Thermofoil



Webinetry Last, but certainly not least, is a thermofoil door I saw at  It’s called Sea Blue, and is available in only a couple of door styles.  I was surprised that I didn’t see a deeper blue, since their colored theremofoil choices are vast indeed.  




So, you want blue kitchen cabinets? These should get you started.  Some manufacturers focus on whicever part of the country they’re in, but others have dealers all over the place.  Check these blue cabinet manufacturers out and you’ll be on your way to a new, blue kitchen.  


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