Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Lots of companies make painted kitchen cabinets, but the color palette differs from one manufacturer to the next.  Most make white and off white painted kitchen cabinets, but there are some other colors available. I’ve perused some of the bigger cabinet manufacturers’ websites and was able to dig up a couple for you to look at.  Obviously, there are more painted kitchen cabinets available out there that are not mentioned here.


Kraftmaid Vintage Willow Painted Kitchen Cabinet Kraftmaid Biscotti Painted Kitchen Cabinet


I found a couple of unique painted kitchen cabinets on Kraftmaid’s site.  On the left is their Willow color, but in a “vintage” state.  The color itself is a little different shade than I’m used to seeing, and the aging helps give it some character.  On the right is another painted finish; Kraftmaid calls it Biscotti.  While it’s kind of an off white, it has a little more yellow to it than a lot of other manufacturers painted kitchen cabinet finishes.  




Diamond Tidal Mist Painted Kitchen Cabinet Diamond Moss Painted Kitchen Cabinet Diamond Toasted Almond Painted Kitchen Cabinet

Here are three doors I’m used to seeing; I work at a Diamond dealer, so I encounter door samples in these colors every day.  As opposed as I was to painted kitchen cabinets even a year ago (just for my own home… I like seeing wood grain) I have to admit that these colors have grown on me. On the left is Tidal Mist.  It’s a blue kind of painted finish, and distressed in this picture. There’s also a glaze.  Moss is in the middle.  You have to see the door to appreciate it.  I didn’t like it the first few times I saw it online.  Like I said earlier though, the color is nicely done. On the right is one of my favorites, in the “Diamond Painted Kitchen Cabinet Finishes” department.  It’s called Toasted Almond, and it's a creamy kind of finish with a brown glaze.  I'll have to bite an almond and hold it up next to the door, just to see if the white and brown match…

One thing I don't see on Diamonds website is Butterscotch.  It was a yellow paint with brown glaze, and I really liked it.  I haven't seen any discontinuation faxes come through, but the color might not exist any longer.

Well, there are a few painted kitchen cabinet finishes for you to ponder.  As I said earlier, there are many companies I haven’t mentioned that may very well have colors of their own.  If you go into a kitchen showroom, be sure to ask what’s available for painted cabinet finishes; there may not be a display or a sample door handy, and the designer you speak to might not even know of a particular finish if it’s a new enough color.


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