White Kitchen Cabinet Doors

I've never been a fan of painted cabinets, but only because I'm such a fan of wood.  Maple in particular.  The more I look though, the more I wonder how I'd like white kitchen cabinets.  I'm still on the fence, but I'm not buying a kitchen anytime soon so it really doesn't matter.  You however, might be interested in knowing what's out there for white kitchen cabinet door styles, so here are a few I've dug up.

Timberlake Rushmore Butterscotch: White kitchen cabinet doors

Here's a white cabinet door style by Timberlake.  This kitchen is in the Rushmore style, painted white with a butterscotch glaze. Timberlake's Butterscotch glaze is one I've taken a real liking to lately.  I've yet to see some in person, but the glaze seems more like a touch than a special effect, if you catch my meaning.  Not overdone?    




Diamond Selena Maple Door in White Diamond, a division of Masterbrand, makes a plethora of door styles in some form of a white finish.  These are two of them.  On the left is Selena, a square raised door.   On the right is Sullivan, an arch door style in Diamond's Dover finish. Diamond Sullivan in Dover Finish


Thomasville Blakely White Kitchen Cabinet Door Style




Thomasville, another division of Masterbrand, makes some white cabinet door styles.  This is their Blakely maple door painted in their Cotton finish.  The other Masterbrand companies make similar doors, and in some instances the exact same doors. Below is another Thomasville white cabinet door finish.  It's a kitchen built with Eden in maple. 






Merillat makes some white cabinet doors.  While there are more on the site, I grabbed a couple for you to see here.  

Merillat Maple Dove White Cabinet Color On the left is their Martel door style, in the Dove White finish.   On the right is another maple door, Civano, and it's painted in what they call canvas.  Looks to me like white paint with a bit of a grey glaze.  A nice looking white door.  Glazes tend to work better when there are lots of nooks and crannies for it to flow into. Merillat Maple Canvas White Cabinet Color

This was a small group of white kitchen cabinet doors that are available today from a few major manufacturers.  There are more doors available from each company, and there are different variations of white.  This can mean different color glazes over a white finish, or different shades of "almost white" that are not quite white, but can't really be called cream or light grey either. Visit the manufacturers websites to see all that they have to offer, and be sure to visit a local showroom to get the full effect of what these white doors look like in real life.


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