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As more people buy bigger and bigger things on the internet, to buy kitchen cabinets online is not such a far fetched idea anymore.  The cabinet manufacturers are more open to the idea these days, some more than others, and willing to work with dealers who are making the leap to an online cabinet store.

There are pitfalls for someone who wants to buy kitchen cabinets online, but they’re easy enough to avoid if you cover all the bases before ordering.  It really isn’t any worse than buying them locally.  

To begin with, accurate measurements are a must.  If there is going to be a tight spot, measuring even a half inch off can mean disaster.  If you buy locally, there’s usually someone that will come out and measure for you.  Don’t get too comfortable though, as they can make mistakes just as easily as you.  There’s a guide HERE that’s pretty easy to follow, taken right from the Armstrong dealer catalog.  If you measure according to that guide, you should have no fear when you buy kitchen cabinets online.  

Can you ensure that the dealer is reputable before you buy kitchen cabinets online from them?  As I said, even as old as the internet is, this is still a fairly new idea.  It might be hard to determine how legitimate a company is.  One thing you CAN do though is do some research on the brick and mortar part of the business.  A company that’s been selling cabinets locally for fifty years is probably ok to buy kitchen cabinets from online.  Most fly-by-nights or scheisters don’t make it past a couple of recessions, and some digging with their local BBBs should tell you if they’ve put the screws to people in the past.  

Can you buy kitchen cabinets online cheaper than buying the exact same cabinets locally?  Yes.  It’s very possible to do, depending on how much your local dealer is marking the kitchen cabinets up.  I have personally smoked other dealers on some kitchens, but I’ve also been beaten as well.  While I didn’t get the latter sales, it’s heartening to know that the customer really is getting a good deal. I think things will even out over time, and the prices will be about the same regardless of where you get them.  Then the question will be…  

How good is customer service when you buy kitchen cabinets online? It all depends on the dealer.  How much they want to make the sale will determine who well they serve customers.  Well, that and how many people they have on staff to deal with sudden surges in kitchen quotes… Whether they want more customers in your area (geographically and socially) will determine how well they make sure you are happy in the end, and keep in touch after the invoice is paid to see how you are liking your cabinets, if you need anything else, etc, etc.  

Can a kitchen designer really design my kitchen without seeing the room? Some designers say that they can’t create a kitchen plan without actually walking through the space.  I don’t think someone is any more or less effective whether they’re standing in the space or not.  Remote customers can take pictures if there are oddities that absolutely MUST be seen, and designers have 3D rendering software at their fingertips to show the customers what the finished kitchen cabinets will look like (which is what they do even for local customers)

There’s nothing saying that you can’t hire a designer locally and buy kitchen cabinets online after the design is done.  This might actually be the better way.  If the designer is not tied to a retail store, then you can be pretty confident that they will not be designing your kitchen with an eye toward commission on the cabinets.   In the end, whether you buy kitchen cabinets locally or buy kitchen cabinets online shouldn’t matter.  Scope out who is reputable by visiting message boards.  Ask people who have gotten kitchens and ask people who maybe only got quotes.  Just because they found a better deal locally doesn’t mean you will.  If they were happy with everything but price…  well, you might like the price.


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