Choosing Kitchen Cabinets in Three Steps

Wood, style, and color.  That's all there is to choosing kitchen cabinets, and where people should start when they're getting ready for a kitchen in their new house or remodeling an existing kitchen. 

While price and layout are just as important as wood, style, and color, I don't think they should enter the picture until those three things are decided.  Layout and price make no difference initially because most people get semi custom cabinets, and most semi custom cabinet manufacturers are making the same size and type cabinets as each other, but at different prices. 

It's easy to get a better price by swapping out  brands once a layout is decided upon. Price is a moot point up front as well, for the same reasons.  Find a wood, style, and color you like in one cabinet manufacturer's line, and you're likely to see pretty similar options in another.  Chances are that another manufacturer makes what you like, but cheaper than the initial quote you get.

So start off by choosing which wood you like.  Do you want oak kitchen cabinets, maple, cherry?

Next you'll want to choose a cabinet door style.  Plank?  Square raised?  Arch or cathedral?  Want some molding going around the panel in the middle of the door?

And finally, you will be choosing a color for these fine kitchen cabinets.  Are you looking for a natural, light, or dark color?  Do you want stain at all, or paint?  Glaze?

I know, these are a lot of questions that need to be answered, but it might help to break it down to just these three.  What kind of wood will your cabinets be made of, what door style do you want, and what color do you want your kitchen to be.

Go from there and choosing kitchen cabinets might not be such a headache.


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