Kitchen Cabinet Costs

Several things affect kitchen cabinet costs. How customized a kitchen is, color choice, wood species, and box construction all affect kitchen cabinet costs.

Options One of the first factors that determine kitchen cabinet costs is the custom-ness of the cabinet line in question.  Stock is cheapest, but with very little in the way of options.  This is fine for some people who don't want a lot of options. Semi custom cabinets are more expensive than stock, and you get more choices in what kind of cabinets you can have in the finished kitchen.  Manufacturers vary on what semi custom is, and some offer more choices than others.  This is usually reflected in the final price.  Armstrong for instance, is considered semi custom, and so is Bertch Legacy.  Flip through the spec books though, and you'll see that there are more options in the Bertch Legacy line than in Armstrong's.  Bertch cabinets are a lot more expensive too. Custom is usually the most expensive type of cabinet line.  I say usually because I've seen semi custom cabinets cost more than a custom equivalent.  It depends on the day and who is running what deals.  The nice thing about custom cabinets though is that filler strips are not necessary; the cabinets are built to exactly the size you want, rather than coming in the three inch increments that stock and semi custom cabinets do.  

Cabinet Wood Species Different woods come at different prices, and can change kitchen cabinet costs quite a bit.  Cherry is one of the more expensive woods, but get into some of the exotic species out there and price tags can get very big.  Oak, on the other hand, and something like plantation hardwood are on the other end of the price scale; these are very affordable woods, and there's nothing wrong with them.  They're just cheaper.   Thermofoil and other laminate cabinets are also on the cheap end.  They clean well and look uniform, but tend to chip if you run something into them hard, like a tricycle.  There aren't any good touch up kits that I know of for Thermofoil    

Cabinet Finishes Unfinished is cheaper than a finished cabinet.  From there, natural colors and transparent stains are a little more expensive, and these are the norm.  Start getting into solid colors though, or glazes, and kitchen cabinet costs go up; this is usually to the tune of fifteen percent.    

Cabinet Accessories One other way kitchen cabinet costs get increased is with accessories, like molding, corbels, and panels.  If you want to achieve a particular look, these might be necessary.  Just be prepared for them to drive up kitchen cabinet costs though.  Do you really need a wainscot panel that will match the doors, or is a flat or beaded panel along the back of your island enough?  Do you absolutely need that molding along the bottoms of your wall cabinets, or is the crown you picked out going to be enough?   Keep all these things in mind when you're starting to hammer out kitchen cabinet costs, and you'll do all right.


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