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Who'd have thought even a few years ago that you could order kitchen cabinets online just as easily as ordering them locally.  There's been a certain stigma attached to purchasing big things online, but people have been doing it safely for years.  You just have to be careful. One of the biggest drawbacks when you order kitchen cabinets online is the fact that you will probably never meet the people you buy cabinets from.  You will probably be far away from them, and you also won't be able to go back and yell at them if things go wrong.  


It's best to make sure, before you place your online cabinet order, that the dimensions in the plan you've been seeing from the online dealer match up with the dimensions that are actually in your room.  As an online retailer myself, I'm more than happy to make adjustments in the plan if a customer realizes that "Hey, this wall is actually 2 inches shorter than I told you."  It's very easy to do compared to making changes after the kitchen cabinet order has been placed.  That, my friends, is a nightmare. If this does happen, it really is the customer's mistake.  There's a leap of faith when you order kitchen cabinets online.  You hope the retailer is honest and delivers what they promise, but it's on YOU to provide exact and accurate measurements.  



Nobody wants to pay everything up front, and online cabinet retailers shouldn't expect them to.  However, just like you are hoping they're honest, they're in the same boat.  More than once I've seen the trigger pulled on an online kitchen cabinet order, only to find out two weeks later that the customer found them cheaper somewhere else.  Don't be surprised if you are asked to pay at least half up front when you order kitchen cabinets online.  



Just like ordering them locally, when you order kitchen cabinets online there's a wait.  3-5 weeks, a couple days, it all depends on the manufacturer and whether or not they're a custom, semi-custom, or stock kitchen cabinet manufacturer.  


The Difference

The difference between a local cabinet dealer and an online dealer shouldn't be too great these days.  I know I treat local customers the same way as I did online customers at The Cabinet Folks.  The biggest difference is the initial sit down when the customer is local.  This doesn't happen with an online customer, although there is often a lengthy initial phone call.  It really isn't much different, once both parties have the same plan in front of them. I can show a customer the plan, and they say "move this cabinet here."  With local customers, it's an instant move.  With online customers, there's a bit of a lag.  They send the email saying "move this," I move it, then I send a new plan and render (or post it on our site so husbands and wives can both see).  The nice thing about online customers, and you as an online customer, is that these changes are seen from wherever you're comfortable.  If you're home, you can see it from there.  If you're at a Starbucks, why, you can see it from there and show the rest of the people you're having coffee with.

The other difference is being able to see the product before you buy.  If you have a local dealer, you can walk into the showroom and see what it is you're buying.  However, if the dealer doesn't have that particular door style and color on display, this is a moot point.  You can get a feel for the manufacturer's work, but that's about the extent of it.  We're more than happy to send a sample door to folks, and I imagine most other online kitchen cabinet dealers are as well.  

If you decide to order kitchen cabinets online, there are only a few things to remember.  Provide accurate measurements, be prepared for the lag that's bound to happen whenever you deal with someone remotely, and find a reputable dealer.  You're safe with someone like The Cabinet Folks, who have also been a lumber yard for the last hundred or so years, but someone who just lately threw up a website, has no showroom,  and doesn't have much of a track record is maybe an on line retailer you ought to steer clear of.


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