You Can Always Update Kitchen Cabinets

While some folks are very unhappy with their current kitchen, sometimes a whole pile of problems can be solved if you just update kitchen cabinets. Updating a kitchen doesn't have to be some earth shattering event. What does it mean to update kitchen cabinets? Does it mean getting a newer door style? Making things more functional? Replacing worn out stuff and but leaving everything looking the same?

Update Kitchen Cabinets to Look Newer

This is a style choice, more often than not.  Remember back when cathedral cabinets were in?  Oak cathedral cabinets?  Mwahahaha! I hear from a lot of people in this boat who are looking to redo their kitchen.  It's a fairly simple fix.  Just swap the doors out.    If you think you can get away with it, get some nice painted maple or birch doors, and paint the oak.  Painted is about the only kind of oak I can stand to look at for any length of time, and I know I'm not alone.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not a wood snob.  I don't like some of the more expensive woods (cherry comes immediately to mind) either… Regardless, it's possible to dress your kitchen up with a new set of doors, and it can be done for a lot less money than all new cabinets.  Two tone cabinets are acceptable in a lot of circles.  There's no reason you can't leave your face frames alone entirely and just get some new doors in a complimentary color.  The face frame is even less important in a full overlay type of door style.  

Update Kitchen Cabinets to Be More Functional

This is as simple as a trip to Rev-A-Shelf's website and getting some new hardware.  This might be something like one of those crazy pullout rigs (http://www.blahblahblah) for an empty blind corner cabinet you have right now. Or it might be something like one of the newfangled drawer storage accessories you can find these days on similar websites. Making a kitchen more functional might be as simple as moving a couple of cabinets around, or adding a cabinet.  I'm still in awe at how much bigger my kitchen feels after adding just TWO cabinets; one was a 24" base, and the other was 30".  The resulting counter space, moved refrigerator, and smarter storage layout makes it like having a brand new kitchen.  It cost me less than a grand.  Well, unless you count my wife leaving for Disneyworld with two kids while I did it…  Or the time it took to built a website for the guy who built my fridge enclosure… Then maybe it cost a smidgen more. But it was still cheaper than the ten or fifteen thousand dollar cost of totally doing it all over.  

Update Kitchen Cabinets to Replace Worn Out Parts

This one might also be fairly easy.  If you've got particleboard drawer boxes, those should go.  Any rickety drawer boxes should be replaced.  Replacement dovetail drawer boxes are easy enough to get nowadays, as well as some full extension (and soft close if you like — I think it's just something else to break) glides to go with them. Door replacement I've already talked about.  Getting replacement hinges (if yours are broken) if you don't need new doors might be tricky.  If you're just replacing hinges, you may end up with screw holes in the door not lining up with screw holes in the new hinge.  Kabinart ran into trouble with that when they offered Blum hinges as a replacement for the junk Hettich ones that came originally with some of their cabinets.   So if you decide that you just absolutely have to update kitchen cabinets at your house, remember that there a couple of different ways to attack the problem; there are some different trains of thought to ride in on, if you will.  Good luck.


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