Cabinet Prices Vary Part 1

Cabinet Price and Finished Ends

Cabinet prices change radically depending on which options a designer adds or takes out of a kitchen plan. Finished sides, toe kicks, and molding can make cabinet prices jump from affordable to insane with just a few clicks of your kitchen designers mouse. Here are some explanations of different features that affect cabinet prices.

Finished Sides Different companies vary in how they charge for this; some don’t charge at all. In general though, cabinet prices go up in relation to how many exposed sides (ends of cabinets that you can see) there are in a kitchen. Related to this feature are paneled (authentic) ends. These are what look like fake doors (see the picture) and make cabinet prices rise regardless of manufacturer. Again, too many of these may make cabinet prices out of reach for many people.

Wood Species Oak is cheap.  Cherry isn’t.  Everybody knows this.  But there are other wood types affect cabinet prices in ways that depend on which manufacturer you’re looking at. Maple is not an upcharge in some brands, it’s ten percent in others. Rustic woods can cost more, and I imagine that’s because it’s difficult to pick out lumber that qualifies as rustic, but will still hold together when someone makes a cabinet with it.


Cabinet Hardware affects cabinet prices




Hardware   Door and drawer hardware can add up fast. Remember this when you’re contemplating your cabinet prices. Diamond Distinction, for instance, comes with soft-close drawers by default. No upcharge. Bertch Legacy charges fifty bucks or so (depending on the dealer’s markup) but comes with free door and drawer pulls. These pulls can go for fifteen dollars apiece, so this can seriously affect your cabinet price and make a Bertch kitchen cheaper, especially if there aren’t that many drawers that require soft closing. Read Cabinet Prices Vary Part 2 , where I discuss finishes, box construction, and other miscellaneous cabinet upcharges.



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