Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Could it be that George Washington was going to make cabinets with that infamous cherry tree? For generations cherry has been the wood of choice for makers of fine furniture and cabinets. Why? What is so desirable about cherry?

Cherry is in a category of its own; it has flair, but is mellow at the same time. Compared to something like oak, the grain is subdued, but can still be wild and beautiful.  “Curly” cherry, looks similar to curly or quilted maple.   Often added to this grain pattern though are small sap pockets, knots, and streaks. Staining of the wood used in cherry kitchen cabinets further enhances these characteristics and the grain patterns themselves.  Cherry’s color variations make it an excellent choice for some interesting kitchen cabinet layouts.

It’s a reddish brown wood in general, but cherry colors can range from the creamy white of sapwood (from the outer layers of the tree) to the reddish brown of heartwood (taken from the center of the tree).

A benefit of using cherry is that it never goes out of style.   At least since the times of Colonial America, cherry has been recognized as a wonderful wood to work with.  It tends to darken for a time, resulting in a mellower look than when the wood is first finished and installed.  In essence, a set of cherry kitchen cabinets can be appreciated by people for generations.



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