People Love Maple Kitchen Cabinets


Maple has so many desirable qualities over other woods.  It's not as expensive as cherry, doesn't dent so easy as pine or birch, and the grain is (to many folks at least) more pleasing than oak.

Maple Tree: image provided by wikipedia


Maple kitchen cabinets are much preferred these days to other woods for several reasons. There are several species of maple, but most maple kitchen cabinets are made with sugar (also called hard or rock) maple. These are also the species usually used in musical instruments. Maple has a tight grain, for the most part. and is generally straight.

Quarter-sawn maple is especially straight grained and stable, and a prized wood. To bring out the grain but still allow for the mellow look of maple cabinets, a light stain is usually used. Dark stain is fine, but generally hides maple's visual qualities. Some cabinet brands charge much more for maple kitchen cabinets than other types of kitchen cabinet wood, but other companies don't.


Maple might not be much more than, say, oak or birch cabinets. Shop around when you're getting ready to purchase maple kitchen cabinets. Ask about wood upcharges, or even specials, that can help get a set of maple kitchen cabinets in your kitchen.


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